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y revenue from coffee beverag▓es.The company also stated in the letter that Starbucks had constantly put pressure on its suppliers by asking them to make options between the two companies. Luckin Coffee cited from some of ▓its partners that Starbucks had asked them to stop providing equipment, packaging services and ingred▓ients to the company. Even, a

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few of its pa▓rtners had already informed Luckin Coffee to terminate their contracts.Luckin deemed that the Starbucks’s monopoly had impeded▓ the development of the coffee industry ▓in China and had violated the anti-monopoly law in

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the country.However, Starbucks resp▓onded later on Tuesday that it had no intention to take pa▓rt in any kind of market promotion with other brands.▓ It added by saying that “we welcome orderly competition, mutual improvement, consta

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nt▓ innovation, continuous improvement of quali▓ty and service to create real value for ▓Chinese consumers.”This issue has raised widesprea▓d awareness on Chinese social media an▓d triggered a heated debate among netizens.“Starbucks has signed this kind of exclusive contracts early before, which cannot be re

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garded as monopoly since some other coffee brands like Costa, Mann Coffee would do the same. So it’s highly likely that Luckin Coffee just wanted to hype its brand▓ by criticizing Starbucks, in a bid▓ to expand its own business an

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d raise its status in the coffee industry,” commented a ▓user @JeffreeWang on Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter.“Competition is welcomed in any industr▓ies since it will only benefit the consumers,” said anoth

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er Weibo user @Teli_LY.Founded by Qian Zhiya, former COO of UCAR, a Chinese ride-hailing app, ▓Luckin Coffee has opened 525 stores in 13 cities in China, serving 1.3 million customers with 5 million cups of coffee▓ during its four-month s

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oft launch.Targeting the young white collar market, Luckin Coffee shows its ambition ▓to compete with the traditional coffee brand, Starbucks, which has over 3,000 outlets across the country in more than 130 cities and serves more than s

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